Severus Snape + Hermione Granger = OTP

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Severus Snape/Hermione Granger Fanfic Recs
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This community is for Severus Snape/Hermione Granger fan fiction recommendations!

As a general Disclaimer: Stories involving this couple may be mature in nature and may not be suitable for younger teens.

This is a recommendation community only. I have just a few rules!

1. Please don't post asking for people to beta your work. This community is for recommendations only. There are other communities dedicated to finding betas for your work.

2. You may pimp your own work! It is a rec community, after all. All I ask is that you also rec someone else's story if you're going to pimp something that you wrote.

3. If you recommend something, it's obviously because you think it's good. Please do not post a link to something and bash it! Hateful comments are not allowed here. You will be warned and then banned for inappropriate remarks.

4. When posting a recommendation, please include the Title, Author, RATING, and a short summary of the fic, just a couple sentences if you'd like, but nothing giving away the plot, obviously!

5. Have fun!

This community is moderated by lilyblackadder.

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