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Thu, Oct. 13th, 2011, 09:51 pm
Amanda K: Question!!!

Has anyone found a good way to categorize their fics? Like if someone comes on here and says "I need a fic that involves kids" do you have a way to quickly find the name and link? I am becoming frustrated because I see requests I could answer, but I cant keep it all straight. Any suggestions? There are simply too many to keep them in my mind.

Mon, Oct. 24th, 2011 01:43 pm (UTC)

it always comes up as failed fetching [link] 400/ URL must be absolute at C:/Perl/sit/lib/WWW/FetchStory/Fetcher.pm line 526
or 404 not found... line 526

That sounds like you aren't giving the full, correct URL. For example, to download one of the recent Exchange fics, I would do this:

fetch_story http://sshg-exchange.livejournal.com/262715.html

Another thing to keep in mind is that sites like Ashwinder that have "?" in the URL, it may work better to put the URL inside single quotes, because on some systems, a question mark is a special character which is treated differently by the command interpreter.

where are we supposed to place the cookies.txt file?

Anywhere you like, so long as you can remember the full path to its location.
Myself, I just put it in my home directory.

So, for you, you might save it as C:\Users\gakuhaitsu\cookies.txt

Then you would go into that directory and...

C:\Users\gakuhaitsu> fetch_story --wget_cookies cookies.txt 'http://ashwinder.sycophanthex.com/viewstory.php?sid=17863'

(that's the URL for "Second Life", BTW)

Brilliant, brilliant program by the way, reading through all your documentation and source files, you've made so many useful options/data to extract for us, and included so many sites.

Thank you!
It began as so many projects do; I wanted to make downloading fanfic easier for myself, so I wrote a script, and then I re-wrote it, and then I added to it, and then I realized other people might find it useful, so I re-wrote it again to make it more generic, and then I added to it some more...

Gah, too bad it wasn't in java/phython/c/turing... the only languages I'm fluent in.

Well, Perl isn't so hard, especially if you know C...
But, yeah, after a while one doesn't want to learn yet another language... that's why I haven't learned Python, because things I could do in Python, I could do equally well in Perl, and I already know Perl.

I just checked out your site from your help file, and found that it's been one of the SSHG fanfic recs site I've been using for quite a while. ^_^ You must dedicate a whole lot of time to your multiple fandoms.

I like reading fanfic! And I like sharing good fanfic with others. And I've been doing that since 1999...