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Wed, Feb. 3rd, 2016, 07:45 pm
amieforshort: Story similar to At the Beach?

It has been some time since I have been on LJ and I have enjoyed re-reading some of the stories that have been recently mentioned.  I just read At the Beach by chivalric, and I kept thinking of another story that was similar.  I remember that Hermione was seeing Severus secretly, and  several people end up confronting them at his home towards the end of the story.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Thanks for any help.

Sun, Jan. 31st, 2016, 07:43 am
angelzeus: Fic Search

I have been re reading some old fan fics lately and there is one that I remember but cannot find. I don't remember the title but I remember that the beginning is the Hogwarts Express coming back for the new school year and when they get there Hogwarts has been attacked. I believe Hermione finds Severus in the potions lab. He has lost his hand and lower part of his arm where the death eaters removed his dark mark and she helps out as an assistant for work that needs two hands.
I think that I originally read this on FF.net but I am not 100% sure. If anyone knows what this is plese let me know. Thanks

Thu, Jan. 21st, 2016, 09:41 am
snivellivellus: Fic Search


I'm looking for a fic where Hermione and Snape are thrown together for some reason (I'm guessing it was a marriage law fic????) and Hermione is accepted into pureblood society with surprisingly open arms by a select few. Bellatrix and Narcissa take Hermione under their wings and help her navigate the tremulous waters of the deatheater circle (e.g. give her advice on how to be a good wife to a pureblood wizard (yeah I think it was a m law fic) and maintain the upper hand within the society and amongst the other wives/women). Hermione begrudgingly accepts their help but is also somewhat pleased that she's managed to find an "in" with the nefarious group. I'm pretty sure this was from the same fic but I also remember Hermione thinking up dress designs for Narcissa because Narcicssa liked the one Hermione had put together for herself. It stuck because the author went into a lot of detail when describing the dress...some black, high-collared, lacy contraption, my brain says. I hope that's enough to ring some bells.
I remember I liked seeing "how the other side lives" and I'd love to give it another try. Any help would be much appreciated!

Tue, Jan. 19th, 2016, 09:27 pm
snapeoriginal22: Fic Search

I would love to read a crossover fic that has hermione/snape as the pairing. I haven't came across one, it may be a impossible search. I would love a crossover with another popular fandom but these two be the main pairing. any ideas

Sat, Jan. 16th, 2016, 05:09 pm
sammypenny: Vampire!Snape Fic

Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone has ever read a fic where Hermione saves Severus after the final battle by getting him turned into a vampire, but he can only drink her blood.

Sat, Jan. 16th, 2016, 10:36 pm
Sharon Louise Sealey: Help

Hey Guys,
Can you help?

Im looking for a snape/hermione fic where they go back in time and save fred tonks Lupin and dumbledor.

Wed, Jan. 13th, 2016, 09:32 am
sakuraleo_88: what is the FF name?

Hi guys,

I am looking for a fanfiction where hermione got a ring from someone, and dragon come out from the ring. And the ring belong to severus, but he pretend to be other man to keep it secret. Please help me i really forget the name.

And if anybody could help me, do you know any one night stand kinda fanfic where Hermione end up getting pregnant with Snape child?

Thank you.

Mon, Jan. 11th, 2016, 09:31 pm
zusanne: Story Hunt (Possiblely a Surrogate One?)

I think this was an older one (possibly before Deathly Hallows, possibly even HBP). It may have been one of the Surrogate challenge ones. Anyways, it had elements of Howl's Moving Castle where the place they live has rooms that changes and you have to turn and go through rooms in a certain order to get around. There is a scene where the death eaters are coming and Snape fights them off to help Hermione get away, etc. etc. I thought it might be something from "The Long Way Down" but don't think that it is?


Wed, Jan. 6th, 2016, 08:50 am
Beate Knudsen: Can't find fanfiction

The last time I wrote here it went so well, so I'm trying again:)

I'm looking for a SS/HG fanfic, where they are forced to marry, because of a marriage law, but it's not everyone who has to marry. In the story every time Hermione gets pregnant, the foster is transformed to a surgery. I remember Luna being one. Voldemort wants the children so they go into hiding. There's a project absolutely the four children I think.

What else I remember:
sybill trelawney Gets married to another seer who turns out to be Kingsley undercover
I think the title is something like the four princes, but since I can't find I probably remember that one wrong

Hope somebody can help

Sat, Jan. 2nd, 2016, 12:07 am
hermione_flamel: FInding story

Looking for the one where Hermiones dad dies, her mother is alive, severus takes a curse for hermione and in the end Lucius and Hermione talks about how Narcissa only captured and tortured Hermione as revenge because she thought Severus had betrayed them by hurting Draco or Lucius.
RIng a bell?

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